Our Partners

Collaboration is a powerful force that brings together diverse perspectives, talents, and expertise.

Simia works with trusted partners to increase the range of services we offer and to improve the overall experience for our clients.

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Tracking Success

Tracking Success is designed for teams looking to unlock their performance, adding a powerful addition to Talent and Leadership Programmes, business meetings, and large company conferences. Tracking Success brings the ancient practice of animal tracking to solve modern-day business problems via an immersive virtual adventure.

Surplus Network Asia

Based in Singapore, Surplus Network Asia helps people in organisations, regionally and everywhere, to fulfil their potential for the benefit of themselves and others, positively impacting the organisations they are in and more. This is done through a platform of licensed premium quality learning solutions partnered with a network of experts.

Power + Systems

Through decades of research and work Power + Systems have learned how often people are blind to the powerful patterns of behaviour that exist within almost all organisations. Power + Systems help people see the systemic nature of organisations and learn how to individually and collectively use that awareness to greatly increase their influence and impact.